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MELT-IMAPS Hungary quiz contest
Online contest on electronics, soldering- and manufacturing technologies

Take part of the online quiz contest organized by MELT (National Electronics Society of Hungary (NESH)) and IMAPS Hungary!

Click on the following website, register and answer the 50 questions about electronics, electronics manufacturing and soldering technologies! Show your knowledge online!


The contest is in Hungarian language and open for students in secondary or tertiary education (universities, colleges etc.). The participants will be evaluated separately in these two categories.

The webpage and the contest starts on the 7th of March 2022.
The quiz is a multiple choice-type; there are 3 opportunities for every question, only one answer is correct. Think all the choices over thoroughly before selection, because you can not modify after selecting!

The contest will be closed on the 20th of March, 2022.

The evaluation will be settled the next week, resluts are separeted according to the education level. In case of identical scores, the winners will be decided by drawing lots.



The awarding ceremony wil be on the 31st of March at the InnoElectro Exhibition and Conference. (MOM Sports Centre – Budapest)

The quiz contest is organized by MELT (National Electronics Society of Hungary (NESH) an IMAPS Hungary, technical partner is PCB Design Kft., expert partner is the Department of Electronics Tehnolgy at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, of the Budapest University of Tehcnology and Economics. (BME ETT)

Thanks are expressed for educational and professional expertise and creating of the questions to: Béla Bődi, Balázs Bruszniczky, Károly Kazi, Miklós Lambert, János Lazányi, Péter Regős, staff of BME ETT, and the Chapter of MELT-IMAPS Hungary!

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